We get to ski AND help out great organizations like The Dream Connection, the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC), and Adventure Amputee Camp.

The contributions have made a big difference to seriously ill children in East Tennessee through the Dream Connection. Based on history for the Dream Connection, we have provided funding for a complete year of kids’ dreams. The funds donated to the IRC provide almost all of the funding for the IRC’s recreational activities for the first ten years of its existence.

The IRC coordinates recreational activities such as scuba diving, golfing, paddling, snow skiing and water skiing for individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or loss of limbs. Most of the equipment needed for the events is specialized and expensive. For the last seven years, Eskimo Escapades has provided volunteers and a big picnic for the July Amputee Adventure Camp water ski day in Fontana, North Carolina.

The Amputee Adventure Camp is staffed by an all volunteer organization and through contributions over 30 amputee kids from across the United States participate in a five day camp for a very nominal fee ($25) although the cost per child is approximately $600. If we had not given the contribution we did to the AAC this past summer, they would not have been able to hold the camp or allow as many kids as they did. It was a big success, one of  Eskimo Escapades’ sponsors, L.B. Steele made BBQ, and we took it over to feed the kids after they got off of the lake.